Our Team Just Got Stronger

By Christopher Crow, MD


Last week, we proudly announced Dr. Jeffrey Bullard as the new Chief Medical Officer for the Catalyst Health Network, one of Texas’ fastest-growing physicians’ networks. Catalyst is powered by the innovations we’re creating at StratiFi Health — and full disclosure: I’m both CEO of StratiFi and president of Catalyst.

This is a big deal for us, because Jeff is a rock star in the North Texas medical community. Among other things:

  • He designed MaxHealth Family, Internal and Sports Medicine in Colleyville — a collection clinics that collaboratively addresses cross-cutting patient needs in areas such as cardiovascular health, chronic disease, nutrition, weight loss, and brain and mental health.

  • He founded Acuity Brain Center, which uses different modern technologies take a comprehensive approach to brain health.

  • And he has opened eight different medical businesses with seven locations across the Metroplex.

Even more important than all of that: Jeff has been a pioneer in wrapping things like medicine, brain health and fitness around the needs, goals and lives of patients.

That’s exactly the sort of patient-centered, team-based approach that Catalyst physicians offer to about 1 million people across Texas, and that StratiFi helps create for employers and medical practices across the country. We all are laser-focused on maximizing the value of the relationship between physicians and patients. And we’re all working to break the hobbled health care model of long waits in waiting rooms and hurried, impersonal doctor’s appointments.

From the first days of his career, Jeff has worked toward the same goals. We’re thrilled by the opportunity to extend the innovations he’s made — and the innovations that are coming — to patients throughout Catalyst Health Network. And we’re grateful for his work helping us create a model of enhanced primary care that can help transform the nation’s broken health care system.

Jeff had a whole lot of opportunities to launch this exciting next phase of his career. It’s awesome — and gratifying — that he’s starting down this road with Catalyst and StratiFi.