Enhanced Primary Care Matters — These Accreditations Prove It

StratiFi Health just picked up a couple of accreditations from URAC, one of the most prestigious health care accrediting bodies in the nation. It’s a very big deal for us — we couldn’t be more proud.

We’re just the second health care company in the nation to earn URAC’s accreditation in Transitions of Care; we also received the Case Management accreditation. But more than the recognitions, we’re especially proud of what URAC is recognizing:

  • Our case management systems, which enhance primary care in ways that help physicians help patients;

  • And, more broadly, our commitment to quality standards in the care patients receive, performance measurement, and our work to continuously improve the delivery of health care services.

Shawn Griffin, M.D., who’s URAC President and CEO, said about this, “StratiFi Health earned the URAC accreditation, in part, because it helps physicians effectively integrate case managers and care teams into the primary care that patients receive. ... Demand for more value-based care through coordinated services and effective care makes the role of case managers more important than ever.”

We agree. StratiFi Health works hard to help primary care practices transition patients seamlessly from the physicians they know and trust to care coordinators and teams that help patients stay on the path to better health after a doctor’s appointments. This enhanced primary care helps people get well and stay healthy, and it helps physicians monitor patients’ improvement and gauge the effectiveness of treatments.

This approach also helps us create innovative agreements with employers that align financial incentives with the actual health of employees, not just expensive health care procedures or hospital stays.

Approaching care this way helps people live their lives with better quality-of-life. In this, it helps communities thrive. Furthermore, it lessens the financial pressures that force far too many families to put off needed health care due to high costs.

Most physicians want to continuously improve at helping patients. We believe that, because so many of us are also doctors.