Population Health 

StratiFi Health exists to improve the health of communities by proactively shaping the patient’s healthcare experience. As rising health care spend continues to bankrupt both companies and municipalities, StratiFi Health provides a means to prospectively manage health care costs – allowing resources to be reinvested into the community.

Our approach to population health is through the Physician – Patient relationship – the foundation being Primary Care. Believing in the power of relationships built on trust and confidence, StratiFi Health deploys our care management and utilization strategies in conjunction with the Primary Care Provider (PCP) through team-based care. StratiFi Health empowers the PCP with a team to holistically care for the patient, ensuring they receive the appropriate care in the appropriate setting for all healthcare needs. 

Informed by data in everything we do, StratiFi Health provides innovative, high quality, sustainable population health solutions for Payers, Employers and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). 

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